Epic Sudoku

Here comes a brainy game for those who love to try their skills. So prove your might if you can in this wonderful Epic Sudoku game.
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Key features of Epic Sudoku:

Originally termed as Number Place, Epic Sudoku stands at the top of all number-puzzle games available on the App Store. With stunning animated graphics and touchscreen play, Epic Sudoku eliminates the traditional pen and paper game. When you are stuck on a number or enter a wrong one, our hint button will guide you on how to fill out the grids without any hitch. Dedicated to the brains at top, this puzzle game gives you an opportunity to prove yourself!

How to play:
  • You need to fill the 9x9 grid using numbers 1-9
  • You cannot place the same number in a row, column, or box
  • Easy gameplay with tricky levels
  • Submit your scores and track progress in the game
  • Neat and intuitive interface
  • Free of cost
  • Easy navigations
  • Red alert when you use wrong number
  • Multiple levels according to difficulty customized for beginners, intermediate, and advanced

Epic Sudoku is one of the most addictive number games for iOS. Dare yourself and know your game potential in the digital Sudoku world. Check it out and you will come out as an Epic Sudoku master!


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