Save the Planet

Always wanted to be a hero? Here’s your chance! You have a task in hand to save your lovely planet form the freaky force of aliens meanwhile improving your typing skills.
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Key features:

The gameplay is simple. Type as fast as you can and save your planet from the spooky aliens conquering your world. Watch out! The eerie aliens are about to attack your planet. Emerge as a saviour and boast your typing skills.

Your challenge is to quickly type the words shown in the screen. Forget not to type faster, and faster, and faster to complete the challenge in time. The amazing typing game is not only utterly addictive but also comes as a fun way to improve your typing skills without getting bored.

How to plat Save the Planet:
  • Just type in the words as shown in your screen as fast as you can.
  • Only thing to keep in mind is not to let the alien force enter your dear planet.
  • Also, keep an eye on time!
  • The game puts your speed to test along with your guts. You need to act intelligent and really quick in order to boost your typing skills
  • It is loaded with vivid graphic and attractive interface
  • Gameplay is simple and smooth
  • Addictive, craze, and fun

Save the Planet is one hell of a game that is sure to leave you spellbound and engaged for hours. Turn into a typing maniac by playing this jaw-dropping game online on KeenuApps. You can also boast your high score on social platforms.

So don’t delay and play Save the Planet now! Taste the fun and be the saviour of your planet.

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