Whop Up

A very exciting game challenge is waiting for you! The aim is to control the movement of a ball from one ring to another that is going higher n’ higher.
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Aim the nucleus (ball), and jump it up, but be aware of the rings. Are you ready to play this immersive and addictive jelly jump game? Try it now and test your wits. Be the champ of this ball game by beating others’ score.

How to Play:
  • Tap anywhere on your device and hold a revolving ring to make its open end arrow face any other ring
  • Move the nucleus (ball) from one ring to another by releasing it
  • Switch from one ring to another by jumping the ball skywards
  • Be vigilant! You are recommended to not to touch the spikes of the rings and the walls, else OUT!
Salient features of Whop Up:
  • Supports one-hand play
  • Vibrant and colorful graphics
  • Different color modes, from daylight to night
  • Lightweight and easy-to-play game
  • Amazing sounds
  • Leaderboard to check who is at top

Why waiting? Give Whop Up a run and be the master of the scoreboard. Sounds easy? Let’s see how far you can go. Complete your mission by dashing the ball as high as you can and try to outscore your mates.s


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