Trochain makes it easy to transfer your money securely to anyone in a foreign country without getting into the complicated formalities of legal procedures. A few community interactions and your loved ones in the distant land will receive the money they need to simplify their life.
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Key Features of Trochain

The Trochain mobile app is based on a simple concept. You want to send money to your loved ones living in a foreign country to support their expenses. But a legal mediocre will charge for this service which you might consider too high. Here’s a simple solution. Establish your trust in community help and service to accomplish this task.

All you need to do is download the app and add a new Troc which connects you to the relevant community. Once established, you can now start your chat with the person living in the same country your relative lives. Set your personal terms with your chatting partner to help you send money to your relative. That’s it! No legal formalities; no service charges.

This money transfer app boasts of many features that will make your user-experience a rich one.

  • Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly app with no single term to confuse the users
  • Totally free to both download and use
  • Enterprise-level security to help users relax that their personal info is in safe hands
  • Integrates your smartphone’s contact list as well as Facebook so that you can easily add your recipient’s info
  • All countries supported

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