Bell the Cat

Hey friends! We have a task for you! Can you bell a little but very-clever Cat? Mission is to make a circle around our darling cat (Daisy) so she can’t escape. Sounds easy? (Sorry) you may go crazy trapping her. Daisy not only has a cute face but a fast, very fast, brain on top. Mark my words; catching her is not a cake walk. Good luck! Try catching her! Can you?
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How to play:
  • All you need to do is mark a circle around the cute cat (Daisy)
  • Be attentive, she is very expert to escape
  • Check your brainpower against a cat
Salient features:
  • Elegant, jaw-dropping graphics
  • Best strategy game

Dare to catch the cute yet smart cat! Trap her, only if you can! What are you waiting for? Just grab a copy of this amazing game, either from Play Store or App Store. You can also play this immersive game online. Give it a shot and see for yourself, whether you trap Daisy or Daisy makes you crazy!


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