Tic Tic Toe

Enjoy the legend of Tic Tic Toe in an all-new and revamped avatar. This interesting iOS Naught vs Crosses game will blow your mind with dynamic color codes and catchy sounds. It’s not the any game you can just find online, Tic Tic Toe takes the adventure to the next level.
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What’s inside:

No more playing with pen and paper and wasting resources when you can feel the same thrill and zeal to win on your device! Let the fun begin with this tricky and mind-boggling Tic Tic Toe game on your mobile or while playing online.

Put your wits to test with this specifically designed puzzle game aka X vs O. Seems easy? Check it out and you will see how tricky the simple-looking game can be!

How to play:
  • You need to mark the spots in 3x3 grids
  • As it’s a one player game, you will be X and O will be your device. Race against the device and give your gaming skills a boost.
  • You can mark in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal alignment to meet your goal and become a winner
Key features:
  • Completely free to play and download
  • Best time killer
  • Vibrant user interface with intuitive graphics
  • Fizzy sound effects

Don’t wait and download Tic Tic Toe to experience an evergreen and entertaining game. Don’t lose against your device. Prove your brainpower and might and defeat the virtual player with your tricks.


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