Dr. Ortho

Dr. Ortho app offers a convenient and user-friendly platform to help customers choose from a range of high-quality orthopedic products. The app lets users browse and buy a variety of orthopedic solutions like braces, compression garments, supports and more.
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With a strong focus on promoting wellness and relief from joint pain, Dr. Ortho app offers a wide selection of clinically tested orthopedic products. Users can easily know product details, read customer reviews, and make secure online payments through the app.

Users can also track their ordered products, get personalized recommendations, and instant customer support. Dr. Ortho app aims to make quality orthopedic products accessible and convenient for individuals.

  • Wide variety of orthopedic products to prevent and manage joint pain and injuries.
  • Personalized recommendation
  • 24x7 Customer care support
  • Developed using Flutter technology
High-Quality and Clinically Tested Orthopedic Products - Dr. Ortho App with Flutter

Designed using Flutter, a cross-platform development framework that helped us in creating a high-performance and visually rich mobile application for iOS and Android. With pre-designed widgets, Flutter let us create the perfect interface for Dr. Ortho application.

The app has been designed keeping in mind the goal of providing a smooth UX, which helps users in finding and purchasing the product they need. Flutter's single codebase helped us develop the app in less time and with more precision. No need for a separate development and maintenance team, which means faster app updates.

The versatility and efficiency of Flutter played a vital role in helping us create an app that let's users find the best products for their orthopedic needs.


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