HeyDer is built on the “neighbors helping neighbors” approach. This location-based community app allows users take their neighbors’ help to find everything they need in a particular city, be it education, food, services, car repair, medical care, or anything one can think of. Most importantly, the app connects residents with one another so as to find help in case of emergencies such as missing child, fire breakout, terrorist attack, bus hijack, and such more issues for which locals can provide aid before authorities arrive. Why wait for police or fire truck when your neighborhood can help in an instant?
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Key Features of HeyDer App

The best thing about the app is it enjoys value and importance in metropolitan cities where people usually don’t have much connection with their neighborhood. In desperate times, not even social media connections can come to aid instantly. The HeyDer app, on the other hand, lets you communicate with multiple locals on one platform who’re ready to answer all your questions such as best pizza restaurants, cheap hotels, instant car repair professional, and handbags on sale nearby.

Just one-time signup and you can choose from a huge list of categories to ask questions and post answers in order to exchange relevant and helpful information about the locality or area you have selected. Without disclosing your sensitive information like your phone number and physical address, you can come into contact with your neighborhood to find security and help in order to have complete peace of mind.

  • Real-time push notifications to send alerts of criminal activities and disasters
  • GPS-enabled locality search as well as selecting a custom locality or area
  • The app offers an array of impressive themes to choose the one best suiting your brand’s image
  • Keep abreast of the trending posts in your neighborhood
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect your personal and sensitive information
  • The interface is intuitive and user-friendly so as to be simple for even a novice
  • Verified residents who you can trust and rely on for all types of help
  • Intuitive interface and simple options

Free to download and easy to use


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