Grow your business beyond boundaries! IDENCARD mobile app for Android and iOS help you create, manage and share digital business cards to connect with the like-minded people in a modern way. With the IDENCARD app, it will be a matter of minutes for business owners and their employees to create e-cards in order to expand their prospects and business connections.
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Key Features of IDENCARD

IDENCARD is created with a vision to break the shackles of paper-based visiting cards and help business admins and professionals create digital cards to showcase their business identity and skills, The objective is simple. Digital business cards are more money- and time-consuming. On the other hand, it takes less than a minute to generate and share an IDENCARD. In this way, IDENCARD brand supports “Go Paperless, Go Green” movement to contribute its share to environment preservation.

Getting started with IDENCARD is super-easy. A few taps and business admins can create e-cards for their employees. As for the employees, it’s simple as well. When you receive an IDENCARD, scan its QR code and tap to add the person to your connection list. That’s all it takes! With such an ease, you can keep connecting with more business prospects to grow your network worldwide. IDENCARD mobile app boasts of a huge amount of features to have an edge over its counterparts.

  • All the customizations you perform with your IDENCARD get a real-time update on your contact’s device
  • You can share your IDENCARD even with those not having the app
  • The app offers an array of impressive themes to choose the one best suiting your brand’s image
  • The QR code scanning functionality makes the sharing of your e-cards seamless and simple
  • Just one tap and you can easily add comments, attach notes, customize your contacts, and much more
  • The interface is intuitive and user-friendly so as to be simple for even a novice
  • You’ll get an anti-spam check on regular-basis once your identity is verified by your business owner
  • Bulk upload of employee profiles in a matter of minutes

Accentuate your business profile with IDENCARD digital business cards and ensure yourself a spiraling business network within days.


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