PossBill is an intuitive app that has been developed to keep restaurant staff such as waiters in mind. Now, it’s a breeze for waiting staff to keep a record of multiple orders simultaneously with the help of a modern digital platform called PossBill.
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Key Features of PossBill

PossBill is all about recording multiple customer orders in a fast, digital, and easy manner. No need to mess up with your customers’ orders or manually calculate the bills! Let PossBill do it for you. The beauty about the app is that its concept is pretty unique as it’s rare to find such apps that target hotel and restaurant staff to make their job easy.

PossBill is a nice step towards “Go paperless, go green” movement, thereby saving trees that are destroyed to make papers that just get dumped after one use. In this way, the app fulfills the purpose of being eco-friendly, productive, and convenient, all at once. The app flaunts many features.

  • Booking articles (PossBill term for food items) and sub-articles is pretty easy and fast. It takes only a few taps and customers’ orders will be recorded.
  • You can easily search for any food item you’re looking for by using the search bar.
  • Calculations are super-easy as the app will automatically be calculating each order for individual customer side by side.
  • PossBill is trilingual, meaning you can access it in three different languages, i.e. English, Dutch, and German.
  • It saves you from the hassle of using a pen and paper which can be easily destroyed and lost.

Have orders in line? Use PossBill to keep records of your customers’ orders digitally.


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